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Israel Minibus Rental

Standard and luxurious Israel Minibus Rental Service

When looking for shuttle services, we must first and foremost pay attention to the number of passengers.
Minibusses are for groups of 8 to 20 people and vary in size.
A minibus is a large, public vehicle, like a bus-only smaller.
Israel Minibus Rental Service is recommended for these types of trips.
The minibusses come in a variety of models tailored to suit every purpose, whether it’s a simple minibus for student transportation or a fancy minibus for event transportation,
Or VIP shuttles for companies going on a trip or even a shuttle to Ben Gurion Airport.

israel minibus rental service

inside of Mesie Siyonov David Ltd minibus rental company in Israel

Why should I book a Minibus Rental?

By booking a minibus shuttle we get an idea and intimate vehicle for the situation,
Sometimes, using a private vehicle, with all its benefits, can be a hindrance to people.
For example, the number of people entering a private vehicle is small compared to a minibus with up to 20 seats.
For example, a private car may be a burden on a long-distance or event trip, so instead of happily messing around, you are busy looking for parking or not drinking in the event that needs to be driven.

When ordering minibus shuttles, this whole issue comes off the hook.

From the time of booking, the driver knows where to go and how best to pick up the other passengers,
The driver does not need to look for parking because he drops you off
at the destination and returns to take you as soon as you finish.
You don’t need too much thought, call +972-53-752-7676 now, Send us massage on Whatsapp in Here Or Email Us at HasaotSionov@gmail.com
and book minibusses for your events or trips and enjoy a pampering service that includes new and fully equipped vehicles,
Experienced and experienced drivers, customer service from the company
representatives on request and personalized support throughout the trip,
Of course, it also changes at all times at the customer’s request.
If more people arrive, you can call the company representative
and request a larger shuttle (delivery time can take between half an hour and two hours, depending on the days and hours.

israel minibus rental service

outside of Mesie Siyonov David Ltd minibus rental company in Israel

Costs of using Israel Minibus Rental

When using minibus vehicles for all-purpose passenger transportation, the issue of cost always exists.
Some are more important and some are less, but we are here to get things done.
The cost of using a minibus per day of travel up to 200 km for example ranges from 1300 to 1800 NIS, depending on the type of vehicle and the number of hours.
No argument using a private shuttle outweighs its advantages over using a car, in terms of the great design, service, cost, and operation of the field.
Don’t worry about yourself, call +972-53-752-7676 or send whatsapp massage here today and book an order with a vehicle tailored for your use and you won’t regret it.


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