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israel hotel transfer

Israel Hotel Transfer – What Are They For?


israel hotel transfer, and they’re usage – In Israel, as in Israel, the need for vacation often overwhelms us, we like to fill our lack of spare time through hotels. 
using Israel hotel transfers is a great solution to get around in the state while on a vacation
The beauty is that it is no longer necessary to worry about so many things at once, from today the Sionov David Transporters Ltd. provides Israel hotel transfer.

Transfer from the center to the hotels


Most of our country’s population is from the central region, Gush Dan. This area is saturated with offices and industry as well as residences and hotels,

But for the residents of Gush Dan and the center who are thirsty for a vacation, whether in Israel or abroad.

The correct way for the residents of the center to go on vacation is only through the use of Israel hotel transfer from the center to a hotel.

Transportation by a large bus up to 55 seats arrives at your area of ​​residence or a central area determined by the group,

And will pick you up from there to the hotel development including the equipment. Of course, you will also make sure to get back at the end of the holiday.

It is possible for small groups to book a minibus to a hotel with 8 passengers and up to 20 passengers (including non-excessive equipment) for transportation from the house to the hotel entrance.

Israel hotel transfer – the Dead Sea

Shuttles to the Dead Sea can be booked from all over the country, for small and large groups together. Sionov David Transportation Company Ltd. has been providing shuttle services to the Dead Sea for over two decades.

Along with Dead Sea hotels, you can go hiking in the area, enjoying spectacular views of the desert and sea in one place.

It is always important to remember to wear a hat when going for a walk and taking water.

An important issue in transportation to a hotel in the Dead Sea is the precise planning of the itinerary, so that if the group wants to travel directly to a hotel in the Dead Sea or alternatively

Israel Hotel Transfer

Israel Hotel Transfer

Interested in making the shuttle to the Dead Sea

For a kind of day trip spent before arriving at the hotel, to take advantage of the beautiful road! Can always be done

A break for refreshment in the Jerusalem area or Govrin in the parks and breathtaking caves!

Israel Hotels – Searching and Finding!


Hotels – Where is the best place to go on vacation?


The Dead Sea hotels have many attractions, including the salty beaches that soak up a wonderful skincare virtue,

Special mud areas, a trip to the Masada site or just a treat in the hidden springs in the area.

All this and more can be found during your vacation in Dead Sea hotels.


Sionov David Transportation Company Ltd. offers a wide range of Israel hotel transfers.

So, whether you are looking for transportation services for a trip, work, school, or even family events,

You should call the number: +972-53-7527676.

Or send us a Whatsapp message by clicking here


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